It is common knowledge that electronics can be recycled. It is not as well known that only a handful of recyclers are e-Stewards
Certified to handle electronic materials in the United States. We at C4 Metal Recycling are proud to announce we are the only
e-Stewards Certified recycler in the State of Idaho. What this means to your organization is guaranteed customer security that all
your electronic materials are processed properly through the entire recycling chain, NO hazardous waste goes to the landfills.

e-Stewards Audit Certification was born and governed by Basil Action Network (BAN), an organization based in the
United States which holds us, C4 Metal Recycling to a rigorous and confidential Data Security Destruction Process as well as
national and international full conformance practice of e-recycling to prevent toxic materials in electronics from causing harm to
human health and the environment.

The e-Stewards Certification,, Program provides customers a high level of confidence
and insures data security. Accredited specially trained certification bodies must certify recyclers and very rigid on-site audits are
performed routinely.

C4 Metal Recycling will provide you with a
SECURE and efficient way for your organization to dispose of excess and obsolete
electronic equipment. We combine the highest level of professionalism, security and reliability through the entire recycling
process and the chain of custody of materials through final disposition.

Call or email for material pick up or drop off.  Serving: All Businesses, Federal, State, Government and Local Agencies, Military,
Educational Facilities, Corporates, Nonprofits, General Public/drop off.    

Protect your Business/Organization, Employees, Yourself and have peace of mind, use an Accredited Certified Recycler when
disposing of electronic equipment as well as all other recyclable materials. (Refer to list under Services)

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e-Stewards Certification is rapidly emerging as the leading global program
designed to enable individuals and organizations, who dispose of their old
electronic equipment, to easily identify recyclers that adhere to the highest
standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection. e-Stewards
Certification is open to electronics recyclers, refurbishers and processors.
The R2 Standard sets forth requirements relating to environmental, health,
safety, and security aspects of electronics recycling.
R2 also requires e-recyclers to assure that more toxic material streams
are managed safely and responsibly by downstream vendors-all the way
to final disposition. It also prohibits e-recyclers and their downstream
vendors from exporting these more toxic materials to countries that have
enacted laws making their import illegal.

C4 Metal Recycling  achieved  ISO 14001 compliance  in an
effort to continually improve environmental performance,
while complying with State and Federal e-waste legislation
C4 Metal Recycling meets the BBB`s Standards for Trust to advertise
honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive,
safeguard privacy and embody integrity in their business. The better
Business Bureau is 100 years old and the most trusted business
organization out there. To become Accredited, a business must pass a 16
point evaluation and operate their business with the highest ethical
Full Service Recycling Facility
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm   Saturday 8am-12noon
8952 Washoe Road   Payette, Idaho 83661
Ph: (208) 642-8859   
At C4 Metal Recycling we understand that trust and reliability are important to our  customers. To assure we follow through with our recycling
commitment, C4 Metal recycling adheres to the highest standards of quality management and environmental stewardship.

Current Certifications/Accreditations